For business

Nordic Noblesse provides a range of services for it’s business clients in the field of leadership and management. Our business-to-business services specialize in diversity and inclusive leadership for management and executives. For employees we have worked with teambuilding, self-leadership and a variety of HR-policy programmes, like equality at the workplace, inclusive communication and gender equality.

Why? The world is changing. A positive change. As a company you want to join the movement and become the best employer you can be. Happy employees are 10% more productive! You look for knowledge, tools and advice. We at Nordic Noblesse are specialized in just this. We guide you into the future with our in-house developed innovative pedagogy and a new technique. Together we create including workplaces that are ready for the future.

Inclusion and Diversity

Together with norm engineers Add Gender, we have done various projects on gender equality and inclusion. Example projects: a course in gender budgeting for a municipality, inclusive communication for service personell and an analyses and workshop on inclusive communication for a big game developer.

Of course, the #metoo movement has also engaged us, leading to

The future of (professional) education

Currently, we are developing e-learning tools to increase the reach of our client’s ambitions. We believe that we can add effectiveness, productivity and enthousiasm to the learning and personal development process by using modern technology.